Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Hydrogen! Our API makes it easy to integrate with our products and start building your own financial applications.

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⚙️Integration Process

Step 1. Create an account

To get started with the Hydrogen API, developers need to create an account on the Hydrogen Pay platform. This can be done by signing up for free at Create your Hydrogen Account

Once registered, developers will have access to the merchant portal and an email containing their test credentials will be sent to them.

Upon creating an account, developers can start testing payment operations such as creating virtual accounts and initiating fund transfers through the available endpoints. Additionally, they can configure the integration to suit their specific business needs.

Step 2. Test APIs

After creating an account and obtaining the necessary credentials, developers can select from the list of available integrations and test them to determine which best suits their needs.

The Hydrogen API supports a wide range of payment processing operations, and developers can use the test credentials to simulate payment scenarios, test endpoints and get familiar with the API's functionality.

Step 3. Access Authentication Token

Once developers are satisfied with their testing experience and are ready to move to production, they need to have completed onboarding and be approved on the KYB portal. The Hydrogen team will review the application and once approved, developers are automatically granted access to the production authorization token.

Step 4. Production integration

Once developers have accessed their production authorization tokens, they can start integrating the Hydrogen API into their applications or systems. This involves making API calls using standard HTTP methods such as POST and GET to the LIVE endpoints, as well as handling responses from the API.

With the Hydrogen API successfully integrated into their application or system, developers can start offering their customers a seamless payment experience. They can accept payments from customers using virtual accounts or card payments, track transactions, and receive real-time notifications, all with the robust security and reliability of the Hydrogen products.

Step 5. Live test and Go LIVE!

We recommend an additional transaction or general API test in the production environment before hitting the publish buttons to go live. This will help ensure everything is working as it should and identify if any critical fixes need to be made.

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