The initiate bank transfer endpoint allows users to initiate a bank transfer transaction through HydrogenPay's Payment Gateway. Users can make a POST request to this endpoint with the required parameters to initiate a transfer, and the endpoint will return information about the transaction, including the transaction reference, virtual account details, transaction status, amount, bank name, and more.




Test URL:

Live URL:

Request parameters

YesDecimalamountAmount to debit the customer.
YesEmailemailCustomer’s Email Address.
YesStringcustomerNameCustomer's name.
NoStringcurrencyDefault to NGN because transfer is only available for NGN at the moment.
NoStringdescriptionPayment Description.
NoStringmetaContains other information you want to be recorded with the transaction.
NoStringtransactionRefUnique transaction ref for Payment. It will be automatically generated for you if you don't specify.
YesStringcallbackRedirect URL after payment has been completed on the gateway.

Response Parameters

statusCodeStringStatus code indicating the result of the request.
messageStringInformational message about the result of the request.
dataObjectContains detailed information about the transaction.
transactionRefStringUnique reference for the transaction.
virtualAccountNoStringVirtual account number for the transaction.
virtualAccountNameStringName of the virtual account associated with the transaction.
expiryDateTimeStringDate and time when the virtual account expires.
capturedDatetimeStringDate and time when the payment was captured.
completedDatetimeStringDate and time when the transaction was completed.
transactionStatusStringCurrent status of the transaction.
amountPaidFloatAmount paid for the transaction.
bankNameStringName of the bank associated with the transaction.

Sample Request

  "amount": 50,
  "customerName": "Dev Test",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "currency": "NGN",
  "description": "test desc",
  "meta": "test meta",
  "callback": "",

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "90000",
    "message": "Initiate bank transfer successful",
    "data": {
        "transactionRef": "30002699_71489bca3c",
        "virtualAccountNo": "7193299054",
        "virtualAccountName": "HYDROGEN - Instante Tetring",
        "expiryDateTime": "04/16/2024 09:29:47",
        "capturedDatetime": null,
        "completedDatetime": null,
        "transactionStatus": "Pending",
        "amountPaid": 50,
        "bankName": "Access Bank"