This API endpoint helps to simulate a bank transfer for the payment gateway account transfer method. It allows developers to test the transfer functionality before actual transactions are processed. Please make sure you select account transfer as the payment method before sending the request. It works for NGN (Nigerian Naira) account transfers only.




Test URL:

Request parameters

clientTransactionRefStringYesUnique identifier for the client transaction
currencyStringYesCurrency code for the transaction (e.g., "NGN")
amountStringYesAmount to be transferred

Success Response

messageStringInitiate Payment Saved Successfully.
transactionRefStringTransaction Client Reference
urlStringDeveloper redirect URL

Response Parameters

statusCodeStringCode indicating the status of the operation.
messageStringMessage describing the result of the operation.
dataObjectAdditional data related to the transaction.
data.orderIdStringOrder ID associated with the transaction.
data.merchantRefStringMerchant reference for the transaction.
data.transactionIdStringUnique identifier for the transaction.
data.amountStringAmount transferred in the transaction.
data.customerEmailStringEmail address of the customer involved in the transaction.
data.descriptionStringDescription of the transaction.
data.merchantInfoNullAdditional merchant information.
data.currencyInfoNullAdditional currency information.
data.canRetryNullIndicates whether the transaction can be retried.
data.timeoutLeftNullTime left for the transaction timeout.
data.callBackUrlNullCallback URL for transaction notifications.
data.otpOrBankTransferTimeoutLeftNullTime left for OTP or bank transfer timeout.
data.isRecurringBooleanIndicates if the transaction is recurring.
data.billingMessageNullBilling message for the transaction.
data.frequencyNullFrequency of recurring transactions.
data.isRecurringActiveNullIndicates if recurring transactions are active.
data.serviceFeesNullService fees associated with the transaction.
data.totalAmountNullTotal amount including service fees.
data.discountAmountNullDiscount amount applied to the transaction if it applies.
data.paymentIdStringID of the payment transaction
data.currencyStringCurrency code for the transaction
data.discountPercentageNumberPercentage of discount applied to the transaction
data.isCardSpecificDiscountBooleanIndicates if the discount is specific to a card

Sample Request

  "amount": "5000"

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "90000",
    "message": "Operation Successful",
    "data": {
        "orderId": "31674786_570750d7dd",
        "merchantRef": "31674786",
        "transactionId": "39bb0000-aa0d-a231-6dc0-08dc2c845ced",
        "amount": "5,000.00",
        "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
        "description": "test desc",
        "merchantInfo": null,
        "currencyInfo": null,
        "canRetry": null,
        "timeoutLeft": null,
        "callBackUrl": null,
        "otpOrBankTransferTimeoutLeft": null,
        "isRecurring": false,
        "billingMessage": null,
        "frequency": null,
        "isRecurringActive": null,
        "serviceFees": null,
        "totalAmount": null,
        "discountAmount": null,
        "paymentId": "success-HYDRfFovyfEoSALSNyEQ",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "discountPercentage": 0,
        "isCardSpecificDiscount": false

Simulation Process

  • Select the transfer payment method from the payment gateway checkout before initiating the simulation API request.
  • Initiate a POST request to the provided endpoint URL.
  • Include the required parameters: TransactionRef, currency (NGN), and amount in the request body.
  • Send the request to simulate the bank transfer.
  • Reconcile with the dashboard or webhook notifications.