Our comprehensive SDKs and Plugins provision makes it easy for anyone to easily integrate Hydrogen Payment Gateway into your CMS.

WooCommerce Plugin

Hydrogen WooCommerce Plugin

Seamlessly collect payments on your WooCommerce shop.

WordPress Plugin

Hydrogen WordPress Plugin

Create Payment forms for your WordPress website or store.

Joomla VirtueMart-4 Plugin

Hydrogen VirtueMart-4 Plugin

Process payments on your VirtueMart shops easily.

How to use the Payment Gateway Plugins

Download and Install

  • Download the plugin zip file.
  • Upload and activate the plugin on your system.

Configure Hydrogen Payment Gateway

  • Navigate to Checkout or Payment Settings.
  • Enable Hydrogen Payment Gateway.
  • Customize display settings, and currency and enter authentication tokens.
  • Hit "Save Changes" to apply settings.

Test Integration

  • Test the payment process using our test cards (optional).
  • If satisfied, disable the test mode to start receiving real payments.

Feel free to reach out to the Hydrogen team via [email protected] if you have any questions or require support integrating with our plugins.