To facilitate a seamless payment testing experience, we offer test cards for developers to test the "Initiate Payment" operations involving card payments. The test cards can be used to simulate different payment scenarios to enable comprehensive testing.

The test cards below are fake credit card data that can only be used for testing payments without actual funds. The card details can not be used in the Production environment.

Card Details

Card TypeCard NumberExpiry DateCVVPINOTPUse Case
Visa4622 9431 2701 370503/508381111123456Success
Verve506099058000000039003/501111111123456Failure - Insufficient Funds
Verve561233000000000041203/501111111123456Failure - No card Record
Verve506183010000189503/501111111123456Failure - Timeout calling issuing bank

By using this test card and simulating different payment responses, developers and businesses can ensure that their integration with Hydrogen is robust and reliable before going live.