The webhook specification allows you to receive instant notifications about payment status from the payment gateway. A callback object is sent in JSON, similar to what you would get in response to a typical API request. Below is the body of the Payment Gateway webhook.

API Method: POST
Endpoint: To be updated on the API settings.

To set up your webhook from the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Profile and Settings, select the API Integrations, and click "Setup Callback". Enter the URL, select the API from the dropdown and hit save.

JSON Request

		"id": "54b00000-35a7-6e3b-0119-08db9e496fe9",
		"amount": 100.00,
		"chargedAmount": 100.00,
		"currency": "NGN",
		"customerEmail": "[email protected]",
		"narration": null,
		"status": "Pending",
		"transactionRef": "503002801229_6669939140",
		"processorResponse": null,
		"createdAt": "2023-08-16T11:10:45.0399497",
		"paidAt": "2023-08-16T11:10:45.0399498",
		"ip": null,
		"paymentType": "BankTransfer",
		"authorizationObject": null,
		"fees": 0