Instant Pay callback allows you to receive real-time notifications on payment changes to virtual accounts in test and production environments. This guide is designed to assist developers who are integrating with our virtual account endpoint and wish to receive real-time callback notifications on payment changes.

API Architecture: REST
API Method: POST
Endpoint: To be updated on the API settings.

Upon transaction changes to virtual accounts, the system sends a callback object in JSON format, similar to a typical API response. This object contains essential information about the transaction.

JSON Request

	"accountName": "THELMA OHUE",
	"amount": "1500",
	"bankName": "Access Bank",
	"destinationAccount": "0712982733",
	"transactionDateTime": "06-07-2022",
	"description": "Testing",
	"transactionRef": "VPAYTO1287139954"

JSON Response

	"responseCode": "00",  
	"responseMessage": "Successful Request"  

Object Parameter

accountNameStringThe name associated with the virtual account to which the payment is made.
amountStringTransaction amount.
bankNameStringThe name of the bank associated with the destination account.
destinationAccountStringThe account number to which the payment is directed.
transactionDateTimeStringDate and time when the payment occurred.
descriptionStringBrief description or comment related to the payment.
transactionRefStringUnique reference code for the payment.

Register your callback endpoint from the API settings on Merchant Portal to enable you to receive real-time notifications for every payment change to any of your virtual accounts. Retrieve important details such as account name and amount from the callback to update your system promptly.