This endpoint streamlines subsequent purchases by leveraging card tokenization, which stores a secure representation of the user's card details. Upon successful completion, the endpoint returns transaction details, including the approval status, transaction reference, payment amount, and more.

The recurringCardToken value provided in the "Payment Confirmation" response should be used as the cardToken for future transactions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment experience for users.

Request Method: POST


Test URL:


Live URL:

Request parameters

YesStringtransactionRefReference identifier for the transaction.
YesStringcardTokenUnique token representing the card details.
YesStringcurrencyCurrency code for the transaction.
YesStringamountAmount of the transaction.

Sample Request

  "transactionRef": "abbadabbadu1",
  "cardToken": "282aff7d-4b74-4dc0-bc79-04398d805058",
  "currency": "NGN",
  "amount": 1

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "90000",
    "message": null,
    "data": {
        "responseCode": "0000",
        "responseDescription": "Approved by Financial Institution",
        "transactionReference": "abbadabbadu1",
        "channelTransactionReference": null,
        "amount": 1,
        "remittanceAmount": 1,
        "customerName": "Test Account",
        "bank": null,
        "status": "Paid",
        "submitTimeUtc": null,
        "reconciliationId": null,
        "clientReferenceInformation": null,
        "accountName": null,
        "accountNo": null,
        "maskedPan": "539923******5212",
        "cardExpiry": "1RBM9ofCXiwzEDnJhUDDsW3iHCCTBxICaArGQl+cb4UmFpZj1DuHIMS65M77wjfmhfRm3svkMexyPScfU3DriA==",
        "errors": null,
        "transactionId": "783f0000-2091-e6ce-ec79-08dc20c93135",
        "completedTimeUtc": "Jan 29th 2024 | 12:52pm",
        "canRetry": true,
        "callBackUrl": "",
        "processorResponse": null,
        "processorTransactionId": null,
        "recurringCardToken": "282aff7d-4b74-4dc0-bc79-04398d805058"


Kindly note that the amount should not be greater the Initial payment amount.